L. A. Gonzalez Law Offices, P.A.



L. A. Gonzalez Law Offices, P.A. is a fully bi-lingual (English - Spanish) business law firm based in Orlando, Orange County, Florida.  We offer the benefit of over three decades of legal experience in dealing with complex legal issues and judicial disputes throughout the United States, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and in Central and South America.  We practice primarily in the following  areas of  law:


* Commercial litigation and counseling


  * Corporate Law and Commercial Transactions.


  * Selective and Complex Personal Injury


 * Mediation (Civil litigation)


The Firm is authorized to practice in the State of Florida and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. The clients served range from small business organizations to multi-million dollar entities. Even though the firm maintains a litigation practice, our policy is to educate our clientele on legal issues that commonly arise during normal business endeavors and that may serve to avoid the need for litigation. We ensure, however, that if litigation ensues, or becomes necessary, our clients are well prepared to meet these challenges.


Mindful of the fact that sometimes litigation is inevitable, we insist on taking a pragmatic and cost-effective approach to the adversarial process. Accordingly, if seeking a prompt conclusion of the litigation is within the client’s best interest, all reasonable avenues toward this goal will be exhausted. In contrast, if aggressive prosecution or defense of the action is warranted, all available resources will be employed to achieve an outcome that is commensurate with the client’s interest.  The firm is also affiliated with many reputable professional entities that render support in prosecuting or defending judicial disputes.